The 'Hoeksche Waard' has been rewarded the title 'Nationaal Landschap', which means its beautiful nature has been protected by law.

The 'Hoeksche Waard' can be enjoyed in many ways. The rural and water rich location of the 'Hoeksche Waard' offers ample possibilities for day-to-day recreation.
It is a spacious environment of relaxation, of cosiness and culture. With little villages with old buildings and snug terraces, yachting harbours and water sports, new nature and old creeks.
Truly a place for carefree enjoyment.

 Would you like to know more, than please visit the website from' vvv hoeksche waard. '  municipality Hoeksche Waard.


There are also many other means in the municipality to enjoy a pleasurable day. The 'Binnenbedijkte Maas', for instance offers small beaches and places to go fishing.

The Binnenbedijkte Maas, locally called the Binnenmaas, is very suitable for swimming and in various places public jetties and beaches can be used as well as entering the water using the 'surfing beach'.

Along the banks of the 'Oude Maas', many resting pastures have been created, from which you have a good view on all the ships using this river. Ideal for relaxing while still enjoying the leisure and commercial water traffic.




Westmaas located 15 km south of Rotterdam, 10 km west of Dordrecht. It is a small village and it lies at the lake 'Binnenbedijkte Maas'.
Near the Bed and Breakfast you will find restaurants where you can eat your dinner.

Walking distance to the center of Westmaas:

  • Snackbar
  • Pitzzeria
  • Grand Café Het Wapen van Westmaas
  • Suppermarkt




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